Friday, August 29, 2008


Well, Rocklin can officially sit up on his own now. He still falls over on his head sometimes, but I think he likes his new view of the world overall. (And yes, he's still addicted to the big green binky!)

Here's Little Mister in bed sleeping with his little buns up in the air! I seem to find him like this more and more. I think he's getting ready to crawl because whenever I put him down on the floor to play, he instantly goes for all fours and starts rocking back and forth. Looks like it's only a matter of time before I'll be chasing this kid all over!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Easily Amused

Last night Adam and I went out on a date. Yes folks, a REAL date. I got a baby-sitter and we went to sushi, movies, and Wal-Mart. Ok, so the Wal-Mart part isn't so glamorous, but our vacuum broke last week and this little apartment was needing some vacuum love. Now, if you know me well at all, you know cleaning isn't my thing. I'm not a disgusting slob, but I'm not a clean freak (like my sweet husband who is borderline OCD clean). When we went to pick out the vacuum I got hooked right away on this one (no, not a Dyson, I wish...):

Look closely - the bottom part is HOT PINK. Since I have a slight pink obsession, I went ahead and put this one in the cart while Adam was fiddling around with his Blackberry. I'm sneaky. Is it wrong to buy a vacuum because it's cute? When we got home I opened that thing up like it was Christmas morning. Adam said if he'd of known how excited I would get over a new pink vacuum, he would have bought me one a long time ago.

Anyway, I'm easily amused.

On a side note, I wore the cute purple shoes from the post below on our date last night with some jeans. They sure did look cute, however I have two HUGE blisters this morning. Looks like they will be one hour maximum shoes. Sad.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do We Like These??

So I went to Target today (big surprise there) to get Rocklin's pictures taken. (That in and of itself is a whole other story...Little Man was not feelin the photo shoot today!!). Anyway, I had to browse around the store while the pictures uploaded and I was trying really hard not to find anything that I just had to have. But then I went to look at the shoes and I got trapped by these purple mary-jane type shoes.

The problem know how when you go shopping with your girlfriends you get the instant answer of whether it's cute or not? Unfortunately for me, I was shopping with a 7-month old, so he wasn't much help in the deciding factor. My question to you is - are these cute enough to keep? Be honest here folks, no hard feelings. Sometimes you just need an opinion, you know? My thought process was - although they are purple, they could add some color and spice up and outfit or two. So please, please leave me a comment and tell me if these are worth keeping. They were only $20, so no breaking the bank.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Better Late Than Never

I know Adam's birthday was last week, but I have some cute pictures from the get-together with some of our friends, so I thought I'd post them.

The Birthday Boy!

Adam & Rocklin (Doesn't Rocklin look like a little boy now instead of a baby?!)
Me (if you can see the piece of pepper in my teeth, just pretend you can't)
Brittany, Madison & Brandon
Suzy, Christel & Hallie
Christel, Hallie & John

Thanks for celebrating with us ya'll!

Spreading the Word

Recently I've signed up with a company where they send me products to test and in return I am supposed to spread the word to other people about the products. Here's what I'm currently "testing":

Makeup! That was a fun surprise to get in the mail. So here's my take: I like the mascara wand. The bristles are really cool - unlike any mascara I've bought recently. Goes on smooth and isn't clumpy. The blush is good - looks really natural on. The brush was just OK...not my favorite, but it works just fine as far as makeup brushes go. I've only tried the lip gloss once so far, and the color they sent me wouldn't be one I would necessarily pick out myself, however it wasn't super sticky like a lot of lip glosses. It also comes with an additional moisture stick topcoat that you put on after the lip gloss, which kind of seals the lip gloss in place, which I liked.
So I thought I'd spread the word here on my blog. If any of you would like a $2 coupon off any Max Factor product, please let me know...I have five total and I'd be happy to mail one to you! Just leave me a comment or send me an email. (And no, I don't get any profit from this, my job is just to talk to my friends and family about the products - likes/dislikes).

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Party Time!!

Happy Birthday Babe!! My very own AdamB is 32 today!! And while I'm at it...Happy Birthday to Sarah, my sweet Sister-in-Law who shares a birthday with my cute hubby!
OK, just a few more... happy belated to Aaron & Adam, my twin brother's birthday that was on the 4th, my Sister-in-law Kacie, my Sister-in-law Karrie, my niece Rylee and my brother Justin who all celebrate birthday's in August!! (Hope I didn't miss anyone) We love you guys!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Fun!

We're finally home after a long and fun vacation up to Utah! Adam had about a week of vacation days that he had to use before the end of July, so we decided to take kind of a last minute trip up to Utah to visit family and friends. We had a great time! Utah is really pretty and a fun place to visit. We got to do all the things on our list, including driving up to Park City, my favorite!

We stayed with my Grandpa Gibson the first night and then with our friends The Brown's the rest of the time. Rocklin had a lot of fun with his Uncles (and his Aunt Megan) and also got to meet his Great-Grandpa Gibson. Adam and I also had the chance to do a session at the Salt Lake Temple with my brother Aaron and his wife Megan. All in all we had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone we got to stay with, play with and visit with!

Here we are at Grandpa's house hanging out.

Grandpa Gibson and Rocklin.
Rocklin taking a nap with Uncle Kevin. Rock just chillin in the Love Sac.
Uncle Aaron feeding Rocklin. (Aaron - you look like a natural at this baby thing!)Uncle Kevin and Rock on the boat. Rocklin HATED the life jacket!!
Mommy and Rock
Rock just hanging out with Mom at a yummy pizza place in Park City.
Daddy and Rocklin - what a cute picture of my two guys! Mommy and Rock having fun in Park City.
OK, so I know I'm his Mom, but how stinking cute is this kid?!?
Rocklin just soaking up his first hotel experience.
Uncle Adam looking super buff after a run to visit with us!
AdamB and Carter at Tuccano's.
Kristen & Rock at Tuccano's.
Here are the cute boys we stayed with.
Carter, Rocklin & Aidan.