Friday, July 16, 2010

Ruby Marie

Our sweet baby girl Ruby Marie was born by c-section on June 18. She weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz. Everything went great and she is just perfect! So far (knock on wood) she is a very good eater and sleeper. I've been trying to find the time to put some pictures up on our blog for the past 4 weeks, and I'm FINALLY getting around to doing it! The pictures below are all from the past 4 weeks, from birth to today (in no particular order). I'll try to be better about updating more regularly so each post doesn't have this many pictures. Rocklin is doing good as well; I think he really is enjoying his role as big brother.

Uncle Adam feeding Ruby
Hanging out on Daddy's chest

This was right after she was born - check out all that hair!
Happy Big Brother Rocklin!

My two kiddos.
Kristie & Todd (Adam's sister and her hubby) came to visit us in the hospital.
Proud big brother.
Gramps & Grammy (Kristen's mom and dad)
Grammy (Kristen's Mom) and Ruby

Rocklin meeting his baby sister for the first time.

All ready for her first time at church.
So sweet.
Ready for an outing!
Here's the "before" picture - going in to have my c-section.
Right after Ruby was born.
Just home from the hospital.