Monday, November 29, 2010

Just a few pictures

We recently got our family pictures taken (first time ever...can you believe that?!). I didn't want to spoil them by putting them up on our blog prior to mailing out the Christmas cards. I'll be posting them soon, but want to get our Christmas cards out in the mail first.

In the meantime, here are just a couple I wanted to share. Oh, and we had family in town for Thanksgiving this past weekend, but do you think we stopped to snap a few pictures with all of them? Nope. I guess it doesn't help that we can't find our camera battery charger so we're waiting for our battery to die on us any minute. I sure hope we can find it before Christmas morning!

Our family at the Mesa, AZ temple lights. Rocklin was in awe of all the beautiful lights! Meanwhile, Ruby just hung out and took it all in while staying bundled up.
Align CenterTonight we hung ortaments on the Christmas tree. This is Rocklin's response when we asked him to smile for the camera. Getting a decent picture of this kid lately is so hard because he always gives these cheesy grins!
We try our luck getting a good picture by saying "look at the camera, but don't smile" and this is what we end up with. Ha! Hopefully he grows out of this awkward picture taking phase asap.
He was so excited to help put all the decorations up. And isn't that tree big and beautiful?! It's a real one - Adam and Rocklin picked it out this past weekend. I love it!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ruby Updates

I can hardly believe that my little Ruby girl is already 5 months old! She turned 5 months yesterday. I neglected to take a 4 month photo with the date card like the rest of her monthly photos, so I just had to use another photo I happened to take the day she turned 4 months. Her 5 month photo (and impromptu photo shoot with Mommy) were taken yesterday.

Ruby is such a happy, giggly baby! I could just kiss and squish her all day long. And, well, most days I do! I remember loving when Rocklin was about this age because they are just so darn fun when they can roll around and giggle, etc. Ruby is such a joy to have around. She LOVES her big brother Rocklin, and whenever he is near her she just lights up and smiles so big. She watches his every move and can't get enough of him.

She is kind of a Momma's girl, and secretly I love it that she loves me so much! I'm trying to soak up every moment with her as she grows because I know, like with Rocklin, the time passes so quick!


I've had a thing with wreaths lately. I've been wanting one for my front door, but just haven't taken the time to make one. When I came across THIS tutorial online, I figured it looked easy enough, plus I thought it was really cute. I know it's not holiday-ish colors, but I loved the color scheme I picked out, so it will do for now. Hopefully in then next few weeks I'll find the time to make THIS one for the holidays. Cute, huh?

I love this little glitter bird detail that I bought at Michael's for 32 cents. I think she adds a little flair. And I can't get enough of those rolled felt flowers; they are so fun and easy to make!