Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Recipe and Lists!

I wanted to share a couple of random things. The first is a recipe that my Mom recently gave me. I had bought some pork chops on a really good deal, but needed something new and different to do with them then the same old pork chops and scalloped potatoes recipe that I generally make (which is also very good). So here's the recipe from my Mom, and believe me, it won't disappoint! It's kind of an odd combo of flavors, but together they are so tasty! We've had it twice in the past two weeks. (and sorry, no pictures to accompany this post).

Blackberry Pork Chops

1 1/2 lb. boneless pork chops

2 tsp. Montreal steak seasoning

1/4 C. blackberry preserves

1 T. soy sauce

1 t. lemon juice

dash of cinnamon

dash of curry powder

1 C. fresh blackberries.

Sprinkle both sides of chops with Montreal steak seasoning. Spray both sides w/ cooking spray. Grill 8 - 10 minutes, turning once. Combine in sauce pan: blackberry preserves, soy sauce, lemon juice, cinnamon and curry powder. Bring just to a boil to liquefy preserves. Cover, remove from heat. Spoon sauce over chops and garnish with fresh blackberries.

--On a side note, I don't care for curry, so I just used a dash of crushed red pepper and that worked just fine. Also, if you don't have the Montreal steak seasoning, just use whatever seasoning you'd usually use to grill your pork chops or steak. I used the Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute.


Also, I wanted to share one other thing I came across online and thought some of you may enjoy checking it out, especially if you're as OCD as me when it comes to list-making! The website is called Organized Home, and THIS link will take you to lots of useful and free downloadable lists - everything from pre-travel checklists to menu planners to daily to-do lists.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Update!

I thought I'd post a few random things so my blog has an update! We are all moved into the house now and are LOVING having all this extra space. I think Rocklin especially loves it with a backyard and plenty of place to run around!

Adam has painted a lot and the other night he was painting baby girl's nursery and he let Rocklin help out a bit. Here are some cute pictures of them painting:On a different note, today Rocklin and I hit up the local thrift store to see if we could find treasures. Sure enough, we found some good stuff! Just clothes this time around, but I ended up getting 7 things (all in great shape and great name brands) for $15!! With a little trip to the washing machine, they are as good as new...and for less than the price of one outfit!

I thought this little blazer and shirt were so cute for Rocklin for this fall/winter. His first big boy blazer...and how cute is the plaid? The GAP blazer was around $3.50 and the shirt was 75 cents!
Of course, baby girl dresses - can you ever really have too many? :)
These are both in great shape and both from Gymboree. Oh, and half-price, too! Each dress was less than $2.

These cute little ruffled-bottom pants are from GAP and were $2 and the sweater was just a Carter's, but looks brand new...and was $1.75.
This dress could be my favorite of my finds today. It's from Janie & Jack (pricey little boutique store in the mall if you are not sure what that is). Lucky me, this was half-price as well, and it ended up costing just $2! You can't really tell, but the ribbon in the pictures is pleated all the way around and is a chocolate brown color.

Thanks for letting me share my finds. I just love hunting for good deals and actually finding some worth bragging about! :) Now if I could just find a dresser for Rocklin's room on a killer deal, we'd be all set.