Friday, February 18, 2011

What we've been up to...

This entire week has been SUCH a long week for us. We are all sick, other than Adam, and are just trying to get better! Today is Friday, and so far this week, we've been to the doctor 6 times with two follow up appointments on Monday and another appointment next Friday of next week! UGH!

Here's the verdict: Ruby has RSV and double ear infections (that will NOT seem to go away). Rocklin has RSV and strep throat, and I have a bad head cold and stomach pains that are apparently due to the fact that I have Gallbladder Disease. (Found that out after an abdominal ultrasound as a result of some serious stomach pains I've been experiencing). So I'll more than likely be getting my gallbladder removed, but we shall see.

Seriously?!?! I am so over being sick...and my kids being sick. Poor Ruby has really had the worst of it all I'd say. Having to give both of my kids breathing treatments for the RSV has literally been the saddest thing ever. Hopefully we'll be back in the swing of things soon!