Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Rock's Grammy & Gramps missed him so much that they flew us out to Georgia for a fun family visit! Here are some pictures of the cousins and one of Grammy and Rock. (And sorry to all the friends I didn't get to see this time around...we just had a lot of family stuff going on. I'll be sure to make the rounds next time!). This trip also explains my lack of blogging this week. A week from tomorrow we're driving up to Utah for a visit, so expect sparse blog entries next week too. After that I'll be back in full swing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Attention Target Shoppers

This post is for everyone who loves Target and Target bargains. So basically, all of you! I found a cool blog today called Attention Target Shoppers hosted by a lady named Ginger. You think you like Target? This lady loves Target and it's obvious by her blog. She breaks down what's on sale at Target and posts links to printable coupons for the coordinating items. Pretty cool. She also has some additional links on her site to other Target bloggers. I've turned into quite the coupon queen lately and let me tell you, I've been saving some bucks! I've also posted a link to this site down on my Saving That Money, Honey link list.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fabulous Costco Find

I {heart} Costco. How could I not? Before I was married, I'm not sure you'd find me cruising the isles of Costco on a Friday night. But now it's like one of my favorite things to do. Am I weird? Admit it, you like it too. I think I like it so much because you never really know what you're going to find. And it's one of those stores where you'd better buy it if you want it because you know if you walk away it may not be there next time. (Except of course for all the beautiful and cheap flower bouquets. Adam...if you're reading this....hint, hint). And who can resist a churro and a 25 cent fountain drink?

So tonight I went to Costco with the intentions of buying ONLY formula for the little guy. (You know how that goes, you have one thing on your Costco list and end up walking out with like $100 more than you intended to). Anyway, so of course I get trapped on the book isle and I came across this fabulous find (and please excuse the poor picture here....I yanked it off of Google Images and it was the best I could find):It's a recipe box filled with Sandra Lee's Semi-Homecooking Recipes (from the Food Network). It also comes with some blank recipe cards and it comes pre-organized! We all know I love to try new recipes and secretly I wish I was on the Food Network so I just had to buy this. There are tons of great recipes in here and I'm excited to make dinner for the next little while now! Oh, and it was only $12.49 (retail value is $19.99). Lucky you if you find this at your Costco!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And she's back...

Well, the blog doesn't look exactly how I wanted it too, but this will do for now. I do like the black and white. What I really want is one of those super cute custom headers, but I can't bring myself to pay for one just yet. Maybe later...

On to different, much more exciting news, my Sister-in-Law Sarah is in the hospital RIGHT NOW in labor!! I'm going to be an Aunt to yet another beautiful little girl today. I can't wait to see pictures!

Now for something random. I really want this. I love a cute monogram, and this would be super cute for making cards or personalized stationary. (Can you tell I surf the web way too much?).