Sunday, April 22, 2007

MS Walk

A couple of weekends ago, Adam and I had the opportunity to attend the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Walk in honor of Adam's sister Katie. It was held in Phoenix - in and around the Phoenix Zoo. Luckily the weather was just perfect for the morning walk. We started just outside the Zoo, then had the chance to walk through the zoo and we got to see all kinds of cool animals, including some huge turtles which you can see in one of the pictures. The kids had a great time and were troopers all the way to the finish line.

Below is me, Katie and Adam post-walk, yet still smiling. :)

Baby Luke was so good...just enjoying the walk in this stroller. He's so cute - and look, I got a big smile out of him!!

Me & Adam

See...I wasn't kidding about the HUGE turtles!! I think this one was posing for me so I could get a good shot of him.

Katie and baby Luke front and center. In the background is Kelly, Steve and Tyler.

Kate & Rylee took a little break from the walk and checked out some of the fish inside the Zoo.


Recently I've picked up an old hobby of mine...scrapbooking! My Aunt Wendie - who is the guru of all scrapbooker's - was in town for CKU (Creating Keepsakes University) in Mesa. She was so sweet and offered to take me to a class with her on Thursday night - it was so much fun! Then on Saturday I attended the CKU vendor fare with my friend Brittany where we both picked up some really cute things. Thanks Wendie for sparking my interest again in scrapbooking!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I thought I'd shout out to all the family members with birthdays this month. In fact, I myself celebrated a birthday just last week. Today is Linda Birkmeyer's birthday (hi Linda!), Friday is Ron Birkmeyer's birthday, and my Aunt Jill and my Aunt Susan also celebrate birthdays this month...and many, many more. To all of those who weren't named individually, this shout out is meant for you too. :) Happy Birthday!

What you can learn from T.V.

Adam and I get along and agree on just about everything...except TV. I'm a TLC, E! Entertainment and Oprah kind of girl. Adam, on the other hand, is a Military, FOX News and shoot-em-up movie kind of a guy. At night we like to wind down from the day with a little TV. A lot of times we end up with a channel we can both agree on - The Discovery Channel. So I thought I'd share a few things I learned from the Discovery Channel last night.

First: I guess it's a common myth that Thomas Crapper invented the toilet. Despite this urban legend, Crapper did not invent the actual flush toilet, but he did popularise it and did come up with some related inventions. The noun "crap" was in use long before he was born, but no longer used in Victorian Britain. Adam and I were laughing so hard when they were talking about it. Thankfully, I married into an awesome last name - Birkmeyer. I feel sorry for all the Crapper's out there.

Second: Did you know that See's Candy makes all of their BonBon's by hand? That's right folks, if you've ever eaten a See's BonBon, it was handcrafted by some cute little old lady with a white apron and a big black bow under her neck. (Don't those chocolates look inviting?)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pictures from the past year

Last month Adam's grandparents, Denny and Connie, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a day at the San Diego Zoo. We had a great time with Adam's extended family.

Here we are at the luncheon in honor of Adam's grandparents in San Diego.

Adam and I took a week with some friends and went up to Pebble Beach, CA. We stayed right on the golf course at our friend's grandmothers house. It was awesome...the view, the weather, everything!

Another Pebble Beach picture...

Adam proposed to me on March 8, 2006 at the Phoenix airport. I felt SO sick after getting off the worst plane ride of my life...but it was all worth it to get off the plane to find Adam proposing at the terminal! Two of his sisters and his friend Nate was there to capture the whole thing on picture and video.

When Adam came for a visit to GA prior to us being married, we went to a Braves was so fun!!

This picture was taken when I first came to AZ to meet all of Adam's friends. He's really close with all his friends, so luckily, I made the cut!


OK, so I'm back and this time testing out the picture feature. Looks like I figured it out. Wahoo! This picture is from our wedding last June. Although you can't see our beautiful faces, it's one of my favorite wedding pictures! Now that I figured out how to upload the pictures with a post, new pictures will be up very soon.