Monday, June 15, 2009

First time for everything

Tonight Rocklin had a couple of firsts...a Popsicle that I let him eat all by himself and running free in the backyard and eating dirt without me stopping him. My Mom insisted that I let him be a little boy and just get dirty, so I just let him at it. We don't have a backyard at our place in Arizona, or big green trees for that matter, so Rocklin was in his glory. And, as you can tell from the pictures, he LOVED the Popsicle!


In case you've been wondering where I've gone...just take a look at the pictures below. My little brother Adam got married on June 5th in the Mesa, AZ temple. I had family and friends in town for a week (so fun) and then I flew with Rocklin to GA for 9 days (thanks Mom & Dad!!) and we are here until Friday. It's been so fun, but we miss Adam terribly! He had to stay behind in AZ to work. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!
The Bride and Groom - Adam and Amanda, and her parents and my parents.

The Twins - Aaron & Adam Melissa (Daniel's girlfriend), Me, Megan (Aaron's wife) and Sarah (Justin's wife)
My brothers and I - Kevin, Me, Adam, Justin, Daniel and Aaron
Rocklin and Daddy
It's so hard for me to get a picture of Rocklin actually looking at the camera. Here he is dancing at the reception and having a great time!
Mom, Kevin & Dad Mom, Amanda, Adam and Dad
Dad & Mom
Mom & Adam
Megan & Aaron
Adam & I
Sarah & Justin
The whole family in front of the Mesa Temple
The cupcake tower my Mom, Sarah and I made - so cute!! (And about 99% of the credit goes to Mom and Sarah).
Brynna worn out from the day!
This is from a Diamondbacks game from before the wedding, but I just thought I'd upload it since it's a cute picture. :)
Adam B. representing
All the cousins with Adam & Amanda
Maryn & Adam being silly