Saturday, January 22, 2011

Peanut Butter

The other day Adam and I were in the office and Rocklin was being just a little too quiet. I peeked out the door to see what he was doing, and I found him in the kitchen with the jar of peanut butter licked clean!! He had been dipping his entire fist into the peanut butter jar and licking it off his hands. What can I say, the kid loves peanut butter! The funniest part was as soon as I found him, he grabbed the lid so fast to try and put it back on, as if the peanut butter allll over his face and hands wasn't a dead giveaway of what he was doing!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ruby is 7 Months

Yesterday, Ruby turned 7 months! This little lady is becoming quite the wiggle worm. She is so interested in the world around her and is always on the move. She is almost sitting up on her fact she is, but she kind of looks bent in half so I don't know if that counts yet. She is a really good eater with her solid foods and so far has eaten everything we've tried with her. (Including a chocolate chip that her brother fed her when I wasn't looking!).

This first picture was the final one after quite a few mis-haps. Look below for some of the funny outtakes. :)

Do you notice a theme here? She always has her mouth open, and usually it's with a big smile! Ruby is such a fun baby; I just can't believe she is growing up so fast already!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rocklin's 3rd Birthday Party

Today we had Rocklin's 3rd birthday party. Since he is obsessed with "choo-choos" (mostly Thomas the Train) these days, we decided to go with a train-themed party. There is a big park really close to our house that has a real train that kids can ride and it was the perfect place for his party. We all had a lot of fun, especially Rocklin. It made me so happy seeing him having such a great time with friends and family!

Of course, I use any excuse I can get to make cupcakes. Here are his choo-choo cupcakes.

The goody bags for the kids.

The pom-poms. (these are so fun to make!)
M&M centerpieces
Birthday Banner
(and notice the background - such a BEAUTIFUL day outside!)
Mommy attempting to light the candles
Daddy actually lighting the candles
Make a wish!
The train ride around the park
Adam, Rocklin and I in the very front of the train
Excited for the train ride to start!

Opening's Thomas! Notice Rocklin's big smile. :) truck! (And I love Bryson in the background, cupcake in one hand and sucker in the that is what birthday parties should be like!)
Rocklin's best buddies:
Catcher, Bryson and Rocklin
Some good friends of ours from our last ward:
Kami, Megan, Reuben and cutie-pie Whitman.
Rocklin with Aunt Kristie, Cousins Andy and Rylee
Emily and Ryan
(Adam's brother and his daughter)
Some of our friends - Brad, John & Nate
My Mom, My Dad, Adam and Ryan

Happy 3rd Birthday, Rocklin! You are such a sweet, fun-loving boy. We are SO glad you are in our family. You are such a good boy and a loving big brother. We love you!

Rocklin turns 3!!

Rocklin turned 3 years old on January 12th. I can't believe my baby boy is 3! His birthday was on a weekday, so we saved his birthday party for the weekend, but took him to Dunkin Donuts and let him pick out a birthday donut and then to Build-A-Bear after dinner to make his own stuffed animal. (I'll be doing another post with his birthday party).

Rocklin picked out a cute little dog and he named him Snoop. Here are Rocklin and I getting Snoop stuffed.

Rocklin giving Snoop a bath.

Rocklin and Mommy making Snoops birth certificate.
Me and my sweet boy.
The happy birthday boy!